timbr.ai named a Cool Vendor in the 2021 Gartner ‘Cool Vendors in Data Management’ report


Semantic SQL: relationships, hierarchies,  classification, inheritance and transitivity
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Replacing Relational SQL with Semantic SQL to accelerate analytical workflows and time to value

Advanced, and even everyday analytics require coding of complex SQL queries that are difficult to create, understand, maintain and re-use. This is a result of the physical model implemented in the database that is greatly removed from the business model it is supposed to represent. Semantic SQL is SQL used …

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Delivering fast recommendations from Google Analytics 360 SQL Knowledge Graph with RAPIDS cuGraph

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How we query DBpedia’s knowledge graph in SQL using timbr

Querying a knowledge graph with SQL may sound a bit strange. Some would say that it is not necessary, but in this era in which most of our data is stored in SQL-fluent platforms, a good and practical solution is to enable people to keep querying their data in SQL, …

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Are you stuck with an OWL Ontology?

Are you stuck with an ontology that you cannot leverage for the benefit of your organization? You are a chief data, chief architect or chief innovation officer. You undertook a promising project that implements a knowledge graph solution to solve an important use case for your company. You invested valuable …

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timbr SQL Knowledge Graph: a different kind of Knowledge Graph

Introduction What are the differences between timbr and graph databases? Google introduced its Knowledge Graph project in 2012 in order to enhance their search result quality. It also sparked a market for enterprise use of knowledge graphs. timbr.ai disrupted the knowledge graph skyline in 2020 by introducing SQL ontologies. So, …

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The Formidable Google Analytics 360 SQL Knowledge Graph

In this part 1 of 2, we explain the features and uses of the GA360 SQL knowledge graph. An off-the-shelf, customizable SQL Knowledge Graph enabled with graph algorithms, turns Google Analytics 360 data export to BigQuery into a user-friendly strategic tool, that shortens data science time-to-value and empowers marketing and …

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