timbr.ai named a Cool Vendor in the 2021 Gartner ‘Cool Vendors in Data Management’ report

Creating your SQL Knowledge Graph - Step 1:

Knowledge Graph Ontology Modeler

Virtual SQL Ontologies deliver key capabilities to relational databases that data modeling can’t deliver, such as defining abstract concepts, business rules, context and relationships that enrich data. Modeling concepts of an ontology means describing data in a way easily understandable to all of the organization, using a common language to refer to any unit of information.

timbr’s Ontology Modeler provides a visual interface and a SQL DDL editor to easily model concepts and properties that represent your business or use-case. Conveniently generate concepts from your database schema, data governance, data catalogs, taxonomies or import existing OWL ontologies.

Click the image to watch a short demo showing how easy and fast timbr users model ontologies with timbr

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