The Timbr SQL Knowledge Graph platform

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About the platform

The Timbr SQL Knowledge Graph platform bridges the gap between SQL-fluent databases and the modern, relationship-rich and smart knowledge graphs.

The platform installs on top of existing databases to enable creation of virtual knowledge graphs mapped to the underlying data and provides seamless connectivity to the popular BI and data science tools in use by organizations.

Timbr enables you to:

Platform Modules

The SQL Knowledge Graph platform includes all the components required to create, maintain, connect and deliver the benefits of the knowledge graph

Timbr Studio

Knowledge Graph creation by modeling the ontology and mapping its concepts to the underlying databases. Learn more >

SQL Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Engine includes the modules required to run, manage and explore the knowledge graph.
Timbr Analytics modules deliver the product and benefits of the knowledge graph. Learn more >

Knowledge Graph Superpowers for the SQL Ecosystem

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Model of the business, independent from the data layer, using formal logic and common terms to describe the business in a way that both humans and machines can understand



Data represented as hierarchically organized, relationship-rich concepts for powerful modeling, visualization and understanding of complex business ecosystems


SQL implementation of the Semantic Web applying ontologies of concepts and an inference engine to automatically generate new knowledge based on a set of rules on the data



Visualize and explore concepts and the underlying datatabase as a graph to gain insights and refine searches. Traverse the graph to identify relationships, dependencies and inconsistencies on the data

Semantic Web Inference and Relationships in SQL

Semantic Web in SQL

Timbr employs standard SQL to implement the Semantic Web principles, enabling ontology modeling of data as connected, context-enriched concepts with inference and graph traversal capabilities.

Inference for Relational DBs

Timbr delivers inference by means of automatic procedures that generate new relationships based on the data and based on additional information in the form of a set of rules. New relationships may be explicitly added to the set of data or returned at query time.

The SQL Knowledge Graph Ecosystem

Seamless Integration

The SQL Knowledge Graph delivers seamless ODBC and JDBC integration with the SQL ecosystem, eliminating the need to move and transform data.

Boost Existing IT

Enterprise IT is relational and big data is relational. With Timbr, your organization can boost the existing IT infrastructure and benefit from the latest cloud technologies without the need for new investments.

Leverage Employee Skills

Any SQL-fluent data professional can learn and deliver results with Timbr. No need to retrain IT personnel and no need to learn new programming languages.

Model a Timbr SQL Knowledge Graph in just a few minutes and learn how easy it is to explore and query your data with the semantic graph

Model a Timbr SQL Knowledge Graph in just a few minutes and learn how easy it is to explore and query your data with the semantic graph

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