Are you stuck with an OWL Ontology?

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Are you stuck with an ontology that you cannot
leverage for the benefit of your organization?

You are a chief data, chief architect or chief innovation officer.
You undertook a promising project that implements a knowledge graph solution to solve an important use case for your company.
You invested valuable resources to do so. You hired consultants and ontologists that spent weeks, even months to engineer a suitable ontology for your needs. Your data engineers programmed complicated ETLs to transform your data into RDF triplestores. You even got to the stage that, after many months, the solution delivered some nice insights and even got some internal traction for additional use cases.

But then, somewhere down the road the project stalled.
Maybe it consumed many more resources than originally anticipated. Maybe you couldn’t find enough suitable and affordable skilled personnel to manage, maintain and use the knowledge graph. Or, maybe it got jammed because of internal politics involving the IT personnel’s lack of access to the new technology, lack of connectedness with existing infrastructure or because of job security doubts.

Well, you are not alone. Like many others, you came to realize that the real challenge to get value from your knowledge graph investment is to put it to work for the whole organization.
To make it fit into your data ecosystem.
To make it accessible to your IT personnel and all data consumers.

Now you have a choice and a solution.’s SQL ontologies implement the semantic web in SQL.
This means that we can automatically transform, at no cost*, your OWL ontologies into virtual SQL ontologies that map to your existing data sources and are queryable in SQL. You will see value from your knowledge graph in just a few weeks or even days. You will share the knowledge graph with all your data consumers, seamlessly. It will fit into your data ecosystem and, you can start building a true enterprise-wide knowledge graph to serve as your virtual semantic enterprise data management solution.

Contact us to transform your ontology into a SQL ontology and do a POC with your data. We’ll show you how easy it is to join the knowledge revolution.

* With the purchase of a timbr startup license.

Are you using your data strategically?
timbr virtually transforms existing databases into semantic SQL knowledge graphs with inference and graph capabilities, so data consumers can deliver fast answers and unique insights with less effort.

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Model a Timbr SQL Knowledge Graph in just a few minutes and learn how easy it is to explore and query your data with the semantic graph

Model a Timbr SQL Knowledge Graph in just a few minutes and learn how easy it is to explore and query your data with the semantic graph

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