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We turn SQL engines into reasoning machines. is revolutionizing the knowledge graph world with the timbr SQL Knowledge Graph, working as a virtual semantic graph layer that installs over any data base to enable enterprise data fabric and digital twins with abstract concepts, inference and semantic SQL access. Our customers include Fortune 500 and other large companies and financial institutions. Join our unique timbr development team to help us deliver the knowledge revolution.

Our ideal Senior Developer SAP KG Solutions (SD SAP KG) candidate will develop the next generation semantic graph modeling over SAP HANA.

 Our Developer SAP Solutions will have:

  • Ability to deliver & apply technology-based solutions to respond to business needs.
  • Must have demonstrated broad-based (infrastructure, application, delivery, etc.) information systems management experience;
  • Successfully developed and implemented applications in new SAP HANA architecture environments;
  • Significant experience & knowledge in new computing application & technology architectures, specifically in SAP HANA-based solutions (CFIN, S/4, IBP, etc.).
  • Successfully developed and implemented applications in new SAP HANA architecture environments;


  • Must have a bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years of broad-based (infrastructure, application, delivery, etc.) information systems development experience;
  • 5+ years experience in:
    Data Warehousing and Reporting; SAP and SAP HANA (SAP BW knowledge is also valuable), other SAP products (e.g., the ERP modules MM, SD, FICO); Databases, SQL and Data Modeling (ERD); develop in HANA Studio (or Eclipse IDE); Agile / Scrum / DevOps processes OR translating data into usable insights, for example through data visualization and analytical software.
  • Excellent command of the English language in speech and writing.

Additional Skills:

  • Experience in deploying production environments based on Flask, Flask-Appbuilder, ReactJS.
  • Experience working with Database deployments (the more the merrier).
  • Experience working with Spark Thrift-Server.
  • Experience working with background workers.
  • Experience working with AWS Cloud Computing, EC2 instances, Load Balancer, S3, Code Commit.
  • Experience working with Google BigQuery, Google Cloud, and other Google Cloud services.
  • Experience working with Microsoft Azure, Azure services.
  • Experience optimizing costs for infrastructure.
  • Experience in profiling and automating benchmarks.

Location: Tel Aviv – Yafo

Seniority level: Mid Level

Employment type: Full-time

Only suitable applicants will be answered

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