Data Modeling

What should we eat if we have certain dietary restrictions or pressing medical conditions? To answer this question we need to know what nutrients are contained in the food we consume and how these nutrients affect our health, and then we must be able to infer, from among the many possible connections, which kind of …

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There is a built-in discrepancy between how businesses conceptualize their business domain, and how this conceptualization gets translated into concrete data models. Virtual SQL Ontologies resolve this discrepancy by delivering key capabilities to relational databases that data modeling can’t deliver, such as defining abstract concepts, business rules, context and relationships that enrich data. Data modeling …

Don’t leave information behind:
Replace data modeling with powerful
virtual SQL Ontologies
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Why haven’t you implemented a knowledge graph to empower your organization? Now you have no excuses. CIOs and CTOs are exposed to risky decisions with high impact and visibility across their companies. On one hand, their organization depends on IT to support operations, remain competitive and enable daily and strategic decision making. On the other, …

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