Tzvi Weitzner

Are you stuck with an ontology that you cannot leverage for the benefit of your organization? You are a chief data, chief architect or chief innovation officer. You undertook a promising project that implements a knowledge graph solution to solve an important use case for your company. You invested valuable resources to do so. You …

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There is a built-in discrepancy between how businesses conceptualize their business domain, and how this conceptualization gets translated into concrete data models. Virtual SQL Ontologies resolve this discrepancy by delivering key capabilities to relational databases that data modeling can’t deliver, such as defining abstract concepts, business rules, context and relationships that enrich data. Data modeling …

Don’t leave information behind:
Replace data modeling with powerful
virtual SQL Ontologies
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Listen up, SQL and relational database people: The knowledge revolution has reached the SQL world and it will change it forever. You may have heard about knowledge graphs. Maybe you know that Google coined the term to describe the technology behind some of its platforms and features such as the information boxes displayed at the …

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